Resources for Social Care and Home Care Professionals

This page provides a range of resources to assist a wide range of staff across the social care sector.

All resources are in line with the Guideline on ME/CFS (NG206) published October 2021. In the related implementation statement (May 2022), NICE state: “Providers and other organisations should update their training for health and social care staff”.

Links to download these resources follow the descriptions below

1. Key Messages for Home Care Workers – Popular single sheet for home care workers, also suitable for personal assistants and residential care home staff. Contains practical tips for caring for clients with severe or very severe ME. (2nd edition 2022; 1 page)

2. NG 206: Guidance for Social Care Professionals – Core guidance relevant to social care from NICE Guideline 206 on ME/CFS. Includes: features of severe and very severe ME affecting care needs; approach to care assessment and delivery to help ensure access; rationale for flexible approach, including avoiding sensory overload and consequent deterioration – known as post-exertional malaise (PEM). (2022; 2 pages)

3. Improving Social Care for Severe and Very Severe ME/CFS – Sets out the particular needs of people with severe ME, addresses training requirements across the sector and describes how to improve access and delivery of support. (2022; 5 pages)

Webinar on Social Care for People with ME

Dr Nina Muirhead, a surgeon with ME and a medical trainer, led a webinar on social care in March 2022. (25 minutes)

This initiative is part of the ‘Learn about ME’ project, funded under the Scottish Government’s Neurological Care and Support: Framework for Action. The 25% ME Group is a project partner.