25% ME Group Launches New Website

Published by Simon Lawrence on

Sound the fanfares!! We are delighted to launch our new website, which is now live, and also to apologise for any inconvenience caused to members, as our old site had to be suspended for a few weeks since it was not GDPR compliant, and also to enable construction of the new site. This again, along with many other changes that we have had to make, has been an involved undertaking, but I hope you will agree, it has been well worth it!

The site has new interactive functions like: fully digital membership forms, renewing slips, e-news slips and the like. This will enable people who visit our site to be able to join online and allow members who are able, to renew and pay online, which we hope will help some people.

We hope that the new layout and colours will be good for members to see and navigate around; we tried to make sure that the colour scheme would be acceptable for people with severe ME, as well as the general public who may visit our site (ie not to bright and ‘in-your-face’.) We hope members find this helpful.

Our new members area is very user friendly and easy to sign up for and into. This area will host a forum and contain other information useful to members such as the latest newsletter, contact list etc. This area will ONLY be available to paid up members, so you can feel assured that it is private and this will enable members to chat and discuss issues with others. Members can post pics and other media items and share them within this secure area.

The site will still hold much of the original useful information in areas like advocacy and medical information etc. but with the new search function, it will be much easier to search for a specific document or documents on a certain subject.

I have also been informed that our charity is now more prominent within Google Search which should hopefully attract more visitors to the site.



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