Scottish Good Practice Statement on ME-CFS

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The Scottish Govermnet have provided an email update on implementing undertakings given by the Cabinet Secretary to the Scottish Parliament Petitions Committee. The main poits being –
1.In light of the forthcoming NICE review the Scottish Government has advised that people should not be pressed into accepting unwanted Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) treatments.
2. The Scottish Health Technologies Group undertook a rapid review on GET for ME/CFS in July 2020 and concluded that care is taken on assuming the use of GET for ME/CFS until the NICE/ Cochrane updates are published. No published evidence on the use of GET for people experiencing persisting fatigue following Covid-19 was identified.
3. The Scottish Good Practice Statement has been updated to reflect the rapid review findings and officials have written to General Practitioners and are currently in the process of alerting all NHS Board Chief Executives of this update
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