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New report on the most serious ME-sick

Between 2500 and 5000 ME-sufferers have severe or very serious ME, and receive little to no follow-up in the health sector. “Very few have wanted to take them,” said scientist.

A recent report from the NORWEGIAN Me Association has mapped those most AFFECTED by ME in the country.

The report draws a picture of a patient group with serious illness and severe disorders, which in many cases do not experience adequate health care. In some cases, the sickest experience is that the help they can aggravate their condition. And often the relatives stand with much of the responsibility for the care.

– What appears in the report is not surprising to me. I recognise everything. This group of patients has gone for lye and cold water, not only in health care, but in all “creatures”. “Very few have wanted to take in them,” says Ola Didrik Saugstad to ABC News.

He is a pediatrician, researcher and professor emeritus at the University of Oslo, and has engaged in ME for over 20 years.

In 2007 he was challenged by the Board of the International ME Association to do something for the very sickest. Since then he has been on home visits with approximately 100 very sick ME patients in almost all of the country.

Although the answers in the ME-society survey are not necessarily representative, he believes it is very good that you now shed light on this group of patients.

“The most SERIOUS ME sickness has not been a research ever before, but it is starting to come a bit now. The reason for this is that patients are too sick to join in studies, and it is too sick to lie in hospital. So this patient group has gone under very radars, he explains.


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