Our Memberships

Ordinary membership:

This is intended only for severe ME sufferers and their carers. Ordinary Membership includes access to all group services including participation in the group’s exclusive “Contact List” for severe ME sufferers.

The minimum requirement to join as an Ordinary Member is that you are virtually housebound. This may be defined in the following way: – you may only be able to walk a short distance, or, may only be able to go out with the aid of a wheelchair, a carer, or in a car on short journeys to visits friends, etc. However, if you are able to carry out activities such as part-time work, or other more rigorous activities, Ordinary Membership may be inappropriate for you, but Associate Membership could be a possible alternative.

CARERS: In addition, anyone who is a carer to an Ordinary Member automatically has access to the Group free of charge, and is also able to have their details included in the ‘Carers Contact List’, which is part of the main contact list for Ordinary Members.

Included Benefits:

Associate membership:

This type of membership is open to supporters of the group, including other ME organisations, voluntary and statutory bodies, who support the aims and objectives of the Group, friends and family of members, or individuals who are mildly to moderately affected by ME and those who have recovered from severe ME but may still be interested in the work and services that the Group offers. Associate Membership offers access to all group services with the exception of participation in the members’ “Contact List” for severe ME sufferers.

We would however like to stress that we, in no way, wish to discourage anyone from joining the group or deny a necessary “lifeline” to any ME sufferer. We have therefore developed two separate forms of membership in order to try to provide a suitable service for as many sufferers as possible, whether severely, moderately or mildly affected by ME and, of course also provide support to carers of ME sufferers.

Included Benefits: