What is M.E. ?

What is severe M.E?

ME is a WHO classified neurological disease with multi-system dysfunction.

It is a physical disease that, in its more severe forms, is severely to profoundly disabling.

The most severely affected have multiple serious symptoms, often not investigated or under-investigated, that incapacitate people to such a degree that 25% of them are effectively house bound or bed bound, may use wheelchairs part or full- time and are barely able to move.

There is no cure. There is no consistent or universal treatment. The pain of Severe/Very Severe ME is so extreme that drugs do not touch it and many are forced to take extremely strong drugs to gain minimal reductions in pain levels. Others have no pain relief at all due to acute drug sensitivity.

There are a range of serious physical symptoms, with underlying neuro- immune and other physiological implications, which are highlighted further on.