Donate Or Buy a Newsletter

As you will know, we are constantly looking for ways in which to raise funds on behalf of the group. We receive no mainline funding and are reliant upon donations from individuals, and trust funds etc. These days competition is even more fierce than ever and we continue to apply for funding with little success I’m afraid.

The group endeavours to raise funds in any way it ca…n and we are always very grateful to those members who undertake fundraising initiatives and continue to support the group. You have our most grateful thanks.

Legacy's To The 25% M.E Group


Have you, or any of your friends or family members, ever considered making provision within your Will in order to provide for your favourite charity/charities?  If you have, and you would like to include a gift to the 25% ME Group in your Will, please get in touch with us at the office in Troon.

If you would like to find out our more about this, we have an A4 information sheet available from the office in Troon, or visit the following link on our website:

Fundraising when Shopping Online

Please remember you can help generate funds for us when shopping online. All you have to do is go to the and use the retailer links provided.

At no extra cost to you, any good cause you choose to nominate will benefit from a percentage donation all your online purchases.

So, next time you shop on line, please remember the 25% ME GROUP and go through the easyfundraising site? Every little helps.

Silence Challenge for Severe ME

We are delighted to announce once again, Amanda and supporters are carrying out the Silence Challenge to raise funds and awareness for Severe ME. Our grateful thanks Amanda.

If you would like to find out more about the Silence Challenge, or wish to make a donation, please visit

Future Fundraising Ideas/Events Can You Help?

Please contact us in Troon if you, or any friends or family members, have any original fundraising ideas.

For example, do you have any friends or relatives who could help raise funds for the Group through Car Boot Sales, stalls at local fairs etc? (or) Do you have a hobby, which could be utilised to raise funds for the Group? If so, please get in touch with us and we can help to advertise the event within the Newsletter, brochure or on this website.


Many thanks to all members who have carried out a wide variety of fundraising initiatives throughout the years – your continued support is very important to the Group!