Resources for Social Care / Home Care Professionals

This page provides a range of resources to support home care workers, managers and social workers in providing appropriate care to a person with severe or very severe ME.

All resources are in line with the NICE Guideline on ME/CFS (NG206) published on October 29th 2021.

NG206 – Guidance for Social Care Professionals – Two page summary of core guidance for social care professionals from NG206. Includes: features identified by NICE as affecting the ability of people with severe and very severe ME to care for themselves; adjustments required to mode of service delivery to help ensure that services are accessible to this client group; rationale for the required approach.
Key Messages for Home Care Workers – Simple guidance for ‘hands on’ home care workers, informed by in depth knowledge of how severe ME presents, the care needs implied and the guidance in NG206. [1 page]
Improving social care for severe and very severe ME/CFS
Lists the particular needs of those with severe ME/CFS, addresses training needs within the sector and recommends how to improve access and delivery of support.
Webinar on social care by Dr Nina Muirhead, held on March 17th. The webinar is available here:
(Further resources are in development.)