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Support Biomedical Research With MERGE
(See Ed’s note at bottom of page concerning Standing Order Mandate)

Enclosed is a Standing Order form for all our members.  MERGE have no objection to them being photocopied or distributed in the newsletter – the more people this campaign reaches the better.  As a research organisation MERGE do not have a membership as such, but anyone who signs up to give by Standing Order is assured of getting up-to-date news from the research projects straight from the horse’s mouth as it were. They have one project in progress at the moment and are about to start a major study into children with ME as soon as they have secured the last piece of funding. They have also agreed to fund a MERGE Doctoral Studentship in conjunction with the Physiotherapy Department of Glasgow Caledonian University over the next three years to look at all aspects of pain in ME sufferers.  So things are moving ahead and the major problem they have is funding on an on-going basis – hence the reason behind the Standing Order campaign, so that they can plan ahead.

The MERGE Team Also:

° Helps publish scientific papers (five in the past year alone).
° Produces high quality professional reviews and reports (such as ‘New developments in the biology of ME/CFS’ – our recent report of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Workshop).
° Presents biomedical research at meetings and conferences (such as the presentation in April 2004 at the Edinburgh International Science Festival).
° Helps researchers apply to grant-awarding bodies (such as the Medical Research Council in 2004)

Note from the ED: We would strongly recommend that members make a regular donation via the enclosed Standing Order Mandate. The research being carried out at MERGE is looking at the biomedical problems of people with ME and we need to continue to encourage this type of research. Thank you!