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Women Speak about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Editor: Caeia March

ISBN  0 7043 4539 0

An interesting collection of articles on a variety of subjects of interest to those with M.E and their friends and relatives.  Topics include diagnosis, pregnancy, adapting to life with M.E, alternative therapies, relationships, benefits. Excellent cartoons are included throughout the book, which help to illustrate the points made in a humorous way.  The book is easy to read and informative and all the articles are written by women who are either living with M.E. now, or have had M.E. in the past.There are many different contributors to the book, which makes the book an interesting and unusual book to read on the subject of M.E.

There are some articles which will be of particular interest to lesbian women.  In addition, some of the articles such as those on benefits or alternative therapies will also be of interest to male readers.