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VACCINES by Neil Z Miller

Anyone who noted that their ME seemed to follow a vaccination or viral infection might be interested to read “VACCINES” by Neil Z Miller ISBN 1-881217-30-Z.
This easy-to-read compact little book gives information about each vaccine in turn, multiple vaccines and their effect on the immune system, explains why mercury, formaldehyde and antibiotics have been added to certain vaccines, possible adverse effects, discusses genetic mutations, developmental disorders, possible links to other diseases, brain dysfunction, neurological damage, arthritis, encephalitis, cancer, and a host of other thought-provoking issues. An excellent reader for those with ‘brain-fog’ who want the facts but not too much detail.

Another excellent book “THE TRUTH ABOUT VACCINES” by Dr Richard Halvorsen ISBN 978-1-903933-92-3 is written in a straightforward, clear, jargon-free style, is conveniently arranged in short sections, and is a more in-depth study of the issues surrounding vaccination, drawing heavily on numerous published research papers providing a more than informative read.

In this book, Dr Halvorsen tries to create a balanced account, presenting robust arguments both for and against the use of vaccines. With the exception of revertants and the use of formaldehyde it covers the same issues as Neil Z Miller’s book; in addition, it covers the historical context of vaccination, incidence and patterns of disease, unknown long-term effects of both single and multiple vaccines, criteria used in trials, tactics and marketing techniques used by vaccine manufacturers, and their links to our health-care system, as well as the role of governments and the WHO.

Of particular interest to many of us is ‘a newly-discovered disease (1990’s) caused by aluminium in vaccines...’ which French doctors investigated and could not recognise, and so have named it ‘Macrophagic Fasciitis’; they assert that the symptoms of most patients were identical to those of CFS or ME!!!

He also notes that there has been a suggestion that Rubella immunisation may be a cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome although other infections and vaccinations have been implicated.

Could it be....?
Could it be....?
Well, that would explain everything, wouldn’t it?!

(A 25% Group member)