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ME - The New Plague

by Jane Colby


This is a very informative book.  The author discusses the link between M.E. and Polio and also the effect of M.E. on children.  Most of the topics discussed take the form of recorded interviews between the author and other relevant people.  For example, there are informative interviews with Dr. Betty Dowsett, Dr. Darrell Yo-Hen and Richard Bruno - an expert in post-polio syndrome.   There is also an enlightening discussion with a child who has M.E.

The book makes very interesting reading for anyone who is living with M.E. at the moment, and also will be of particular interest to parents and families of children with M.E. Teachers and all who work with children would find this book an excellent read and guidelines for schools are included.

A selection of poetry written by people with M.E is included as well as a very useful "survivors checklist" - a selection of tips for people living with the illness.