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Surviving M.E.

Practical Strategies for Coming to Terms with Chronic Fatigue

by Joyce Fox

ISBN 0-09-181472-3

This is an excellent book written by a counsellor who has suffered from M.E.   It is equally relevant to those with severe M.E and those with a less severe form of the illness.  The author discusses emotions which so often occur as a result of being diagnosed with a chronic illness, such as denial, anger, depression and finally acceptance.  These emotions are discussed with particular reference to the problems faced by people living with an illness which is so often discounted or misunderstood by others, including doctors.

It is very helpful to read about these emotions, realising that one is not alone in feeling these things.  In addition, the author gives practical advice on how to cope with these feelings.

In addition to the sections on emotions, the author addresses other topics which are relevant to those living with M.E.  These topics include friends, welfare rights, family and medical aspects of coping with M.E.     These topics are approached in the form of a question and answer format, with questions posed by people with M.E and answered sensitively by the author.

This book would be of great assistance to those struggling with the many difficult issues surrounding living with M.E.