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Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Enteroviral-Mediated Organ Pathology

Editor: John Richardson

The Haworth Press, Inc. ISBN 0-7890-1127-1Prepublication Review

Dr Richardson, the author if this unique textbook on ME/CFS and other enterovirally mediated illness, has been compassionately examining, diagnosing and treating these patients on a continuous basis for longer than any other physician alive today. He now reminds us that such a variety of systemic symptoms cannot be found in any other illness. His observations are a direct result of systematic follow-up and analysis of this multi-system disease and sequential family illness in a primary care setting. For over 40 years, he has monitored some 7000 patients with viral infection and delivered over 500 of their children but he now warns that the present trend of short term studies, with insignificant numbers and vague hypotheses, conducted in a hospital or laboratory situation far from the natural epidemic or endemic setting, seriously limits current medical ability to explain the fundamental underlying pathology.The most useful section of this encyclopaedic text deals with simple methods of examination, diagnosis and laboratory investigation available to any doctor in primary care, together with meticulous descriptions of the sophisticated techniques of molecular biology, brain imaging, hormonal assay electrocardiographic and eletroencephalographic investigations, more suitable to late effects and organ pathology. Some 80 illustrative case histories are included together with statistical charts and SPECT scans, photomicrographs and clinical photographs. All of these are annotated and terms suitable for patients and professionals.Yet, this invaluable book of 244 pages and 9 chapters, covering the salient features of cardiovascular consequences, central nervous system effects, family illness, glandular syndromes, viral effects in pregnancy and neoplastic sequelae, fits neatly into the side pocket of a doctor’s white coat.Every chapter ends with practical suggestions for further research and future management. In conclusion, Dr Richardson reminds us of the fact that microbes are less important than the Host’s immunity, that the "cases" described are human beings, well known and cared for in a family setting and that the synergy of empathy and kindness with whatever scientific treatment is available, will never be outmoded.

Price: £18.00 including p&p for softback