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A Synopsis by Adrian Rose

I developed severe ME in the spring of 1996, having previously suffered for several years, with vague mysterious symptoms, which no doctor would give me any answers to. 

It is painfully obvious to me now, on looking back, that I had been exhibiting symptoms of ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) in its milder form, for a long, long time, before the severe version of the illness finally appeared.

I suffered with ME (in its severest form) from March 1996 to November 2003. Then came the breakthrough, and it was a breakthrough which I had been living for, every moment of every day and night, for nearly 8 years. It happened in a way which I would have never believed possible, and I knew that I would, eventually, have to write a detailed account of it. 

This is the story of a life torn apart by illness, but also a story of a life rebuilt, changed and challenged.

It is the story of a young man, on the verge of major commercial success in the musical industry, instead having to come to terms with life in an unbelievably oppressive and frustrating illness situation, comprising of multiple symptoms and incredible over-sensitivities, an illness which he never even believed existed, until he himself developed it.

Lover Never Fails aims to give true insight into the heart and mind of a young life, cruelly struck down, by long-term, severe illness.

This is an account of, not only the author’s own illness, but also the shock and despair felt, as he watched his own mother also develop the very same condition as himself, three years after his own diagnosis.

Here, then, is the story of a whole family’s deep Faith in God, despite overwhelming circumstances and how God honoured that Faith, (sometimes quite dramatically) during the long, dark years of severe illness, and especially during the final recovery stages.

The author explains, in detail, how he, quite suddenly, felt called by God, during the autumn of 2003, to take a huge step of faith. This, deeply, challenging, step of faith, if taken, would bring about the healing which he had been so desperately seeking, for so long.

Subjects also covered include, the author’s own, slow, confusing decline into ME, diagnosis problems, family and friends’ reactions to the illness, personal experiences with prescriptive medications, also the vast alternative medicine field. The subjects of both Christian and Alternative healing are also discussed in detail, and much, much more.

ME is an illness on the increase, but still it remains a very misunderstood, and sometimes ridiculed, condition. The author speaks openly here, about his many different experiences of living life with severe ME, in the heartfelt effort to bring about, a better understanding, and an increased sense of hope, for both sufferers and carers alike. 

The author constantly seeks to encourage the Faith of fellow Christians who are battling with ME, or any other chronic illness.

Love Never Fails also goes to great lengths, especially in the final chapter, to try to convince those who have no Faith at all that Jesus Christ is very much alive and active, and with God all things are still definitely possible.

Love Never Fails is soon to be published and if members would like to find out more about it, and the publishing date, you can visit the author’s website at www.Adrian-Rose.com