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Beyond Normal Prayer, the Redemptive Power of Suffering

By Greg Crowhurst

Greg has just published his second spiritual book, specially dedicated to all those who have severe ME and their carers and all those who fight for Justice and Truth (which is much needed in the ME world right now!).

It looks at the mystery of suffering from a Christian perspective and includes contemplations and reflections on some of the writings of the late Pope John Paul II, who dedicated his Papacy to the sick and housebound.

Rosemary McCloskey MBE, writing in the Foreword describes how : "Greg Crowhurst speaks directly to those who live with prolonged suffering, without any platitudes, but from experience."

The book also has a small selection of Greg's wife, Linda's prayers which have come out of her own suffering with severe ME for the past 12 years.

‘Beyond Normal Prayer, The Redemptive Power of Suffering’ ISBN 0-85439-717-5,

Price £5.50, Published by St Pauls Publishing

Email: editions @stpauls.org.uk Telephone: 02079784300