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Bed Without Boundaries:
Therapeutic Activities for Chronically Ill People

By Lois Owen

Lois, an arts development worker, uses a creative and interactive approach to help people with chronic illness or disability get the most out of life and maximise their abilities. The book originated in Lois’ own experience of the severest symptoms of M.E. over many years and she uses that experience to help readers develop creativity and imagination. Written in a concise and thought-provoking style, each easy-to-read section includes simple focused questions to prompt and empower readers to find solutions to their own individual situation.

The creative activity ideas, designed specifically for people with severely limited energy and movement, are suitable for the artistic and non-artistic. They provide opportunity to express feelings, process change and address issues that may arise from long-term illness or being bed-bound. Readers can gain a wealth of coping skills to help them manage the difficulties of everyday life more effectively, raise self-esteem and life energy and gain a sense of achievement from the creative process.

The 78 activities are graded and divided according to the level of energy/ability that they require. There is full step-by-step guidance on activities with examples and illustrations. Special easy-to-read sections make text accessible for participants who have difficulties reading. Support information for carers or friends, in terms of resources, preparation and understanding the creative process, is included. Required materials are low-cost and can mostly be found around the home and garden. At the back of the book are communication aids and stimulus resources. This book is ideal for individual use or to use with partners, family members or carers.

The book is available at cost price of £5 (including postage) until 31st January 2011 for any reader of 'The Quarterly' from:
R.J. Owen, 10 Pengarth, Eldwick, Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16 3DX and at £7.99 thereafter.