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ESA Resources List Available from the Advocacy Service

ESA form general points & exceptional circumstances

ESA Form Part 1 – Physical Function

ESA form part 2 – Mental, Cognitive & intellectual Function

Face to face assessment guidance

Items are only available to MEMBERS at a cost of £1 PER ITEM (including postage).

Also can be sent via, an email attachment

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(which is replacing DLA)

Guide to PIP, which is available free to download at: https://crm.disabilityrightsuk.org/pip-guide

Guidance Info for PIP and ESA

 Replacement of Disability Living Allowance with Personal Independence Payment

Plans to replace DLA with PIP

Response to Consultation re DLA replacement (PIP)

PIP Toolkit (DWP) - Accessing List of docs


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Disablity Premium Benefit Info

Carers Allowance

How to find Advocacy help

How to apply to NHS for a wheel chair

Local housing allowance

Occupational Therapy Assessments

Voluntary work

Winter fuel payments and a Christmas bonus

What Happens if I'm too Ill to Attend a Tribunal in Person

Disability Related Expenditure Assessment Guidance (I34).pdf

When you are assessed as needing care at home social services will also assess you financially as to your ability to pay a contribution towards the cost of your care.  These financial assessments should take into account your Disability Related Expenditure: “any reasonable additional cost that the service user incurs due to a disability or condition”. This information sheet provides guidance about this.


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Home Care Resourses List 2016

1. Home Care Briefing (Vers I - Home Care Worker).pdf

1. Home Care Briefing (Vers II - Home Care Delivery).pdf

2. Pro Forma letter for sending Home Care Delivery Briefing

3a. Home Care Worker Key Messages (April 2016).pdf

3b. Key Messages for Home Care Workers - bullet points.rtf

4. Care - How Do I Help Someone with Severe M.E._.pdf

5. Home Care - Getting it Right (Qly I 39) copy.pdf

6. Home Care & 're-ablement' - 'just plain cruel'.pdf

7. a. Social Services Report - Accessing & Receiving Home Care

7. b. 25% ME Group social services analysis - summary

7. c. Social Services Survey - The CCA

7. d. Occupational Therapy Analysis Report

7. e. Family Carers Survey Analysis Report

8. Feedback (Scotland) MEETING CARE NEEDS


9. Clinical Guideline on support & care, extracts, severely affected

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Information relating to Social Services and Care

Care Worker Briefiing

25% ME Group Adult Social Services Survey Feedback

Home Care Briefing paper

Home Care - Getting it Right

Key Messages for Home Care Workers Brief version


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Getting the best out of your doctor

Differentiation from depression & somatisation.rtf

Autonomic dysfunction.rtf

Is exercise safe_.rtf

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When a relative is terminally ill

When a loved one dies

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ESA and PIP surveys

ESA Survey Questionnaire

Member - ESA Feedback 2012

Key Issues on ESA -2013

QUESTIONNAIRE: claiming Personal Independence Payment (PIP)


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