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Member's Fundraising Ideas

If you are interested in any of the ideas below, then please contact us

Would you like to support our Charity by making a donation?


If so, then please go to the CONTACT US page and you can send a donation to us

or Donate Online. Thank you

Suggestion for specific projects:

1. Sponsor the Newsletter Publication

2. Support the Advocacy Project for Severe ME Sufferers

3. Disability and Respite Grants Fund i.e. funding aids and respite for sufferers

4. Web Site Hosting and Development

Your support is vital in-order to help us to continue to support the severely affected ME sufferer and raise awareness of people with this very disabling disease







Have you, or any of your friends or family members, ever considered making provision within your Will in order to provide for your favourite charity/charities?  If you have, and you would like to include a gift to the 25% ME Group in your Will, please get in touch with us at the office in Troon.

If you would like to find out our more about this, we have an A4 information sheet available from the office in Troon, or visit the following link on our website:

Please Click Here

25ME Plese HElp

Percy The Piggybank

As you will know, we are constantly looking for ways in which to raise funds on behalf of the group. We receive no mainline funding and are reliant upon donations from individuals, and trust funds etc. These days competition is even more fierce than ever and we continue to apply for funding with little success I’m afraid.

The group endeavours to raise funds in any way it ca...n and we are always very grateful to those members who undertake fundraising initiatives and continue to support the group. You have our most grateful thanks.

We are also well aware that fundraising is very difficult for our members because of the awful constraints you are under due to the many problems of having severe ME. We have therefore come up with the idea of members, if at all possible, basically putting away £1 coin every week on our behalf and then donating the coins you manage to save at the end of the year to the group.

With this in mind, you will notice; for those who receive a newsletter, the inclusion of our exclusive fundraising sticker featuring Percy the Piggybank. Those who don't have a sticker, then you can hopefully just stick a reminder of some sort to a jar :)

The idea behind this is that you stick Percy onto an old jar or tin and feed him a pound coin each week as he is always hungry!!

At the end of the year simply empty the jar, take the contents to your local bank or ask a family member, friend or carer to do this on your behalf and simply donate the proceeds to the 25% ME Group. This could either be done by writing a cheque/postal order for the amount you have managed to save or by using the Donate button on our website to pay the amount raised to us via Paypal. Alternatively, you could simply set up a Standing Order for £5 per month which would amount to the same thing as saving your pound coins in a jar!!

We are of the firm belief that every little helps and if many of us are raising a pound a week, this could lead someway to protecting the future of the group and enable us to continue to support your needs in various ways, including the continued provision of the much needed advocacy service.

We sincerely hope you will be able to join in our latest fundraising venture.

Many thanks to all our members for their continued support.


Poetry Address Books For Sale

Roll on up, roll on up! Get your poetry address books here. You won’t forget your friends’ addresses for the entire year! They only cost £5 each. Help raise funds for charity too. So come on folks, support the cause. Buy one or even a few!

Books are A5 size, incorporating 12 poems, with a glossy pale blue cover with a central design. (Each book costs £5 including P&P).  Also available for the same price are poetry books containing poems only. If you would like to order, please state which option you would like and make cheques payable to:

 Shirley Clayden
and post your order to her at:
 48 Fairfield Drive, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 2HD
(please include a telephone number with your order, if possible)

If you have any queries, you can email Shirley at shirleyclayden@gmail.com

All the money raised from sales will be split between the 25% ME Group and ME Support Norfolk.



So what’s the idea?
It is quite simple really. We are asking people to donate their small change via BT’s ‘MyDonation’ fundraising group, where the 25% ME Group is a Registered Charity beneficiary.  There are a number of ways you can do this:
· A link will be provided to ‘MyDonation’ on the Quarter-backers Fundraising  Facebook Group.

· A link to ‘MyDonations’ will also be put on the Homepage of the 25% ME Group’s website - so you can directly donate if you are not on Facebook.

· We are very mindful that many of our members cannot use computers/tablets etc. You can still be involved by asking a friend to donate online on your behalf. Or, you can use a cheque or postal order to send your donation directly to the 25% ME Group. 


Meet our new partners

Clothes for Charity

A new, secure and simple way to support us with your clothes donations

We’ve partnered up with a great new organisation called Clothes For Charity to make it simpler and much more secure for you to donate your unwanted clothes and help us fund some wonderful projects.

This is how it works
At  www.clothesforcharity.org.uk, you can choose to donate to us or request a secure and trackable donation bag and Clothes For Charity will pick it up from wherever’s convenient for you. They’ll even send you an email telling you it got their safely.

Best of all, while most charity clothing collection schemes will only hand over £70 per tonne to the charity, they give us £200 per tonne, meaning we can do even more great work thanks to your donation.

You can visit their websiteand see just how simple and secure it is to donate.

So please donate through Clothes For Charity and ask your friends to do the same. The more clothes donated on our behalf, the more great work we can do!

25 me fundraising initiative

Fund Raising Initiative through the easyfundraising website

Choose from over 500 of the UK's best-known retailers including many popular names such as NEXT, Amazon, Debenhams, John Lewis and HMV, and when you shop using the links on our site up to 15% from every purchase you make is donated to the cause you choose to nominate.

All you have to do is use the retailer links provided on the www.easyfundraising.org.uk site whenever you shop online, and at no extra cost to you, any good cause you choose to nominate will benefit from all your online purchases. There is no cost for using the service.

So, next time, for example, you want to shop at Amazon, please, please remember the 25% ME GROUP and go through the easyfundraising site? Every little helps (Tesco live up to their slogan by giving 1% for online purchases!)

NB: You will be required to ‘Register as a user’, which is the 1st red button on the easyfundraising site and follow the instructions to register. It is very quick and easy to do. Please remember to register your charity as the 25% ME GROUP. Thanks

Here is our EasyFundraising Search Site Address: LINK

Members Cards For Sale
Please Click Here

simply cards
Buy all your different cards from the above link
I am an Me sufferer and have a small business selling cards and supplies, I have decided to give 50% to charity and give customers the option to choose their charity I have included yourselves!

Remember when ordering to say that the 25% ME GROUP is your chosen charity

Kind Regards Jane


Useful website for disability related aids and information
Also hosts a forum for ME sufferers


futer fundraising ideas

Future Fundraising Ideas/Events Can You Help?

Please contact us in Troon if you, or any friends or family members, have any original fundraising ideas. For example, do you have any friends or relatives who could help raise funds for the Group through Car Boot Sales, stalls at local fairs etc? (or) Do you have a hobby, which could be utilised to raise funds for the Group? If so, please get in touch with us and we can help to advertise the event within the Newsletter or on the web site

Research Fund Raising

Don’t forget to purchase our great fundraising book:

“It’s Good to Laugh” Vol. 1.

Due to popular demand, we are continuing the
fantastic offer of receiving 2 books for the price of 1! 
Price per copy  =  £3.39 

Also available on special offer are Notelet sets containing 6 notelets and envelopes)
based on the Cartoon Book.

Price per pack = £3.00 plus 60p  p&p.

Used Postage Stamps

Could members please save up all their used stamps and send them on to the Group Office.

can You Help Us

Please contact us in Troon if you, or any friends or family members, have any original fundraising ideas.

For example, do you have any friends or relatives who could help raise funds for the Group through Car Boot Sales, stalls at local fairs etc? (or) Do you have a hobby, which could be utilised to raise funds for the Group? If so, please get in touch with us and we can help to advertise the event within the Newsletter, brochure or on this website.


Many thanks to all members who have carried out a wide variety of fundraising initiatives throughout the years – your continued support is very important to the Group!